[open-linguistics] Slides of OKcon and Real life meeting

Sebastian Hellmann hellmann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Tue Sep 13 07:35:36 UTC 2011

Dear all,
I updated the slides for OKCon 2011 at the workshop page:
I am going to attend ISWC, so it would be possible for me to come to a 
meeting there.

Is anybody else interested in a meeting parallel to ISWC? The number of 
members of this list has increased quite a lot (65 now). So I really can 
not judge any more where our focus is location-wise.  Furthermore, I 
would like to mention that anybody can feel free to move discussion here 
forward by posting what they expect or need help with or want to 
advertise. There seems to be some participation barriers and I wonder 
what the hold up is.
All the best,


Am 25.08.2011 11:02, schrieb Sebastian Nordhoff:
> Dear all,
> there has been some time since our last real life meeting, even if we 
> count the OKCon. I suggest we have another real life meeting soon. Are 
> any of you attending the International Semantic Web Conference in Bonn 
> in October? We could have a meeting there if this is convenient. 
> Otherwise, we can of course also meet in Berlin, maybe even in late 
> September then.
> Best wishes
> Sebastian Nordhoff
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