[open-linguistics] Slides of OKcon and Real life meeting

Peter Bouda pbouda at cidles.eu
Wed Sep 14 10:25:54 UTC 2011

I would in general be interested in a meeting, but unfortunately will 
not be able to attend the ISWC. I am in Portugal and Germany most of the 
time, so a meeting in Berlin (or anywhere else) is OK for me.


On 13.09.2011 08:35, Sebastian Hellmann wrote:
> Dear all,
> I updated the slides for OKCon 2011 at the workshop page:
> http://okcon.org/2011/programme/open-linguistics-workshop
> I am going to attend ISWC, so it would be possible for me to come to a
> meeting there.
> Is anybody else interested in a meeting parallel to ISWC? The number of
> members of this list has increased quite a lot (65 now). So I really can
> not judge any more where our focus is location-wise. Furthermore, I
> would like to mention that anybody can feel free to move discussion here
> forward by posting what they expect or need help with or want to
> advertise. There seems to be some participation barriers and I wonder
> what the hold up is.
> All the best,
> Sebastian
> (Hellmann)
> Am 25.08.2011 11:02, schrieb Sebastian Nordhoff:
>> Dear all,
>> there has been some time since our last real life meeting, even if we
>> count the OKCon. I suggest we have another real life meeting soon. Are
>> any of you attending the International Semantic Web Conference in Bonn
>> in October? We could have a meeting there if this is convenient.
>> Otherwise, we can of course also meet in Berlin, maybe even in late
>> September then.
>> Best wishes
>> Sebastian Nordhoff
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