[open-linguistics] [CFP] W3C Workshop: The Multilingual Web – Linked Open Data and MultilingualWeb-LT Requirements, 11 - 13 June 2012, Dublin

Tadej Stajner tadej.stajner at ijs.si
Thu May 3 10:43:40 UTC 2012

Hello, all,
this might be interesting to the linguistic open data community. The 
speaker deadline has been extended to May 9th.

More details on 

-- Tadej


      W3C Workshop, Call for Participation:
      The Multilingual Web – Linked Open Data and MultilingualWeb-LT
      11 - 13 June 2012, Dublin

The purpose of this workshop is two-fold: first, to discuss the 
intersection between Linked Open Data and Multilingual Technologies (11 
June), and second, to discuss Requirements of the W3C MultilingualWeb-LT 
Working Group 
(12 - 13 June). We expect that both topics will attract an overlapping 
set of participants, and we hope to increase the overlap by this workshop.

*About the Linked Open Data topic:* Research and industrial application 
of Multilingual Web content (MLW), Linked Open Data (LOD) and Natural 
Language Processing (NLP) are becoming increasingly intertwined. The 
goal of the workshop is to bring together stakeholders in the areas of 
content creation, translation, and provision of content delivery 
infrastructures, researchers and key industrial contacts.

One of the major issues in the evolution of Linked (Open) Data is its 
lack of multilinguality. There is a strong separation between, on the 
one hand, terminology, lexical and language resources, and on the other, 
the technologies used for Linked Data. This gap makes it difficult to 
exploit any potential synergy among those approaches. This also makes it 
difficult to exploit the possibilities offered for Linked Data by 
Multilingual Web technologies. Removing silos and integrating these 
technologies is therefore an important goal, and is the main topic of 
this workshop.

*About the MultilingualWeb-LT Requirements Gathering:* The 
MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group 
<http://www.w3.org/International/multilingualweb/lt/> is gathering 
requirements to define meta-data for web content (mainly HTML5) and deep 
Web content, for example a CMS or XML files from which HTML pages are 
generated, that facilitates its interaction with multilingual 
technologies and localization processes. The group has come up with an 
inital list of requirements 
including a list of proposed metadata items 
During this workshop, we aim at getting detailed feedback 
about the requirements and the metadata items.

Different to previous MultilingualWeb workshops 
<http://www.multilingualweb.eu/documents>, this workshop has two 
specific foci, and aims at certain groups of participants, with the goal 
of producing concrete proposals about next steps in the two areas 
described above . While future MultilingualWeb workshops will continue 
the format of broad events and will aim again at a larger audience, 
attendees for this workshop are required to participate actively and 
will need to submit a position statement for the workshop registration. 
The workshop will be hosted by *Trinity College Dublin (TCD)* 

      Important dates

2 April 	Call for Participation issued
*New: 9 May* 	Deadline for speaker proposals 
about the two topic areas
15 May 	Acceptance notification sent
20 May 	Program released
25 May 	Sponsorship deadline
*30 May* 	*Registration deadline*
11 - 13 June 	Workshop
(11 June) 	*Part 1* "Linked Open Data"
(12-13 June) 	*Part 2* "MultilingualWeb-LT Requirements Gathering" 
(12-13 June)


For assistance with workshop logistics or technical issues, you can 
write to Dominic Jones <mailto:Dominic.Jones at cs.tcd.ie>.

For questions about the program or the workshops in general, contact the 

  * Paul Buitelaar <mailto:paul.buitelaar at deri.org> (DERI)
  * Dave Lewis <mailto:dave.lewis at cs.tcd.ie> (TCD)
  * Felix Sasaki <mailto:fsasaki at w3.org> (DFKI / W3C Fellow)

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