[open-linguistics] telco notes

Sebastian Hellmann hellmann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Wed May 2 05:24:16 UTC 2012

On 05/01/2012 01:51 AM, Christian Chiarcos wrote:
> * Sebastian H. summarized the student projects to convert linguistic 
> resources to RDF (@SH: could you provide some details on this, such as 
> its current status ?)
Well, I didn't report anything, as there is nothing to report currently, 
except that 5 or 6 students are looking at the data of the five 
different projects
* MPI data (WALS, Valency, WOLD) * OmegaWiki * Panlex * Wiktionary in 
Russian * Ethnologue
We plan to have some sort of prototype in about month.

All the best,

Dipl. Inf. Sebastian Hellmann
Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig
Projects: http://nlp2rdf.org , http://dbpedia.org
Homepage: http://bis.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/SebastianHellmann
Research Group: http://aksw.org

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