[open-linguistics] LREC real-life meeting

Sebastian Hellmann hellmann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Fri May 18 16:21:47 UTC 2012

Ok, I talked to Sören and he will point to our meeting on Thursday (and the poster and the poster on friday ) . I am really happy, that we moved the meeting, so I am able to attend. 

@thierry: you are a part of this group also. Couldn't you just snatch us a nice room right the first thing, when you arrive ;)

Meanwhile... We booked the apartment and there is one more free bed, please contact us, if you would like to join. 

Sent with my mobile phone, please excuse my brevity, Sebastian

Nancy Ide <ide at cs.vassar.edu> wrote:

Thursday is ok for me.

I would like to announce at the meeting (as well as this list) that we are setting up a new ISO working group to define exchange protocols for linguistic data, and invite anyone who is interested in contributing to this effort to contact me. 
On May 18, 2012, at 4:16 AM, Christian Chiarcos wrote:

> Hi Sebastian,
> yes, Thursday at noon would be equally suitable for all who participated in the Doodle poll. The reason for chosing Friday was that our poster is scheduled lately (and there is nothing we can do about this, I tried).
> Thursday at noon would be fine with me, if we can make sure that there is some announcement at the conference that this meeting is going to take place. As you suggested in personal communication, that could also be done as part of Sören Auer's keynote on Thursday.
> So, no objections from my side. Others ? Please respond within 24 hours. Otherwise, we will shift to Thursday.
> Christian
> On Fri, 18 May 2012 00:47:15 -0700, Sebastian Hellmann <hellmann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de> wrote:
>> Dear Christian,
>> the OWLG meeting was one of three reasons, why I am coming to LREC.
>> Could we reschedule to Thursday? There are also 5 votes there and it is the only lunch break, when I will be available.
>> All the best,
>> Sebastian
>> On 05/17/2012 11:47 PM, Christian Chiarcos wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> following our Doodle poll, the OWLG real-life meeting at LREC will be conducted on May 25th, 2012, during lunch break (13:15-14:45), right after the session where our poster (previously referred to as "OWLG I publication") will be presented. As always, everybody interested in linguistic resources and/or their publication under open licenses is welcome, so please, spread the word.
>>> I tried to organize a room and technical equipment, but apparently this can be done on-site, only. So, more details are to be announced.
>>> See you in Istanbul,
>>> Christian

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