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FYI from the coordinators list.

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Betreff: 	[Wg-coord] Working Groups update
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Hi all,

How are you all doing?

This is a bit of a lengthy email, but I always like one long one more 
than 20 brief ones..Please read carefully.

1. Due to UK legislation, we are obliged to to add a cookie notification 
to our websites. Today this will be activated so please check if it does 
not cause any sever issues with your page.

2. I want to remind you that many of you have not yet used the WG-budget 
for this year. The financial year will end at the end of May and then 
every WG will start with a new pot of £150-. Money not being spent this 
year will not be taken to the next year so please think about this. 
Suggestions are travel to speak at an event, flyers for the WG, website 
redesign.. Please disseminate as you find appropriate in your WG.

3. In the OpenGLAM Working Group, we are currently experimenting with 
some more structure in the WG to better coordinate and support our 
activities. Basically what we have done is set up a:

   - Advisory board with high profile from the open culture field. Here 
we will present our results to every 6 months and ask for strategic feedback
   - OpenGLAM members with very active volunteers that organise 
workshops, go to events on behalf of the Working Group, blog, etc. We 
support them with small travel bursaries, swag (flyers, stickers etc), 
documentation, a slidedeck and general advice. We have monthly calls
   - The mailing list for everybody else where we discuss stuff and 
posts updates.

Formalising this has forced us to think a bit more about what we want to 
achieve and what kind of goals we set for ourselves. This proces has 
been very helpful. I will keep you updated about our experiences and am 
happy to talk with you more about this, just ping me.

4. Local Working Groups. It is very exciting to see that Working Groups 
as part of Local Groups have been set up. Getting activities done on a 
local scale often helps actually doing stuff together. Together with 
Christian Villum, the Local Groups coordinator, I have been thinking 
about this development. We would really like to hear from you how the 
relation between the 'global' working groups are with these local 
initiatives. Is there a lot of communication? Do you share the same 
mailing lists? All your experiences are very much welcomed and happy to 
talk further about it, also when this is something you would like to 
encourage yourself.

5. Outreach. All together we do some awesome stuff, but it is not always 
noticed by the people outside of our networks. The Local Groups have 
started to do a monthly blog post with the highlights from the different 
chapters. I would like to do  a similar thing for the Working Groups so 
I will ask you every month to send me a  summary of your activities and 
highlights. At the same time this allows me to keep an overview of all 
that is happening. If it makes it easier for you if I set up a form or 
something, let me know.

So to summarise: it would be great if you can get back to me with the 
following answers:

1. Does your site still work properly?
2. Do you want to spend some of WG funds?
3. Do you want to get some more structure in your WG?
4. Can you share your experiences with Local WG's? Do you think it is a 
good idea?
5. Can you give me an update what has happened in your WG?

Apologies again for the length, but I really hope to get an answer from 
all of you!
In te mean time, of you have any other questions/comments, just let me know.

All the best.

Joris Pekel
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
http://okfn.org <http://okfn.org/>/

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