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The Axiom group has a vacancy for a

Computer Scientist / GLAM metadata specialist
(postmaster or postdoc level) f/m *
For 0.5 fte for a fixed period of 12 months.*

*Axiom Group*

The Axiom Group  <http://axiom.vu.nl/>investigates the dynamics of
scientific concepts such *truth*,*explanation*, *(logical) form* and *
organism* in historical texts from 18th-20th century Europe. These concepts
are central to axiomatic and semantics and relevant to logic, mathematics
and biology. The group is led by Arianna Betti and organised around the ERC
Starting Grant Tarski's Revolution: A New History – Semantics and
Axiomatics from Bolzano to Tarski against the Background of the Classical
Model of Science.  <http://axiom.vu.nl/content.html>

*Project description*
We are looking for a Computer Scientist to join GLAMMap, an ERC Proof of
Concept project which builds a software tool to visualise cultural heritage
metadata on geographical maps. The job consists in developing an automatic,
user-customisable metadata harvester and integrating it in visualisation
software developed by our partners, Bettina Speckmann's group at the
Technical University of Eindhoven. The work requires close collaboration
with the Eindhoven group, in particular with computer scientist Dirk
Gerrits, who is already working on the project.


   - Developing an automatic, user-customisable metadata harvester and
   integrating it in visualisation software currently being developed in close
   collaboration with specialists in visual analytics;
   - (jointly) providing software documentation;
   - actively participate in regular project meetings, talks and
   presentations held in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, and elsewhere;
   - write interdisciplinary joint proposals, abstracts and papers in
   Digital Humanities closely related to the expertise of the Axiom Group and
   on the basis of the results of the tool & software assessment.


   - MSc or a PhD in computer science or comparable discipline;
   - experience with GLAM metadata, especially library records; sound
   knowledge of a scripting language (Python or JavaScript); XML and XLST;
   DOM; regular expressions; SQL and relational databases;
   - excellent social and communicative skills;
   - being able and willing to work in a team and an interdisciplinary

A background or an interest in philosophy or history and related
disciplines are desirable, though not necessary. The project has
collaborations with the world's biggest library metadata repositories
(Europeana, Trove and WorldCat).
The ideal candidate for this job will have knowledge and experience with
the data structures of these or similar repositories. Our team is
international, diverse, gender-balanced and flexible as regards working
times, habits and team organisation.

We aim to start the position on 1 September 2013.

The complete vacancy, together with the procedure for application can be
found here<http://www.uva.nl/over-de-uva/werken-bij-de-uva/vacatures/item/13-214.html>
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