[open-linguistics] Language resource identifiers at W3C, ELRA and others

Christian Chiarcos christian.chiarcos at web.de
Thu May 15 08:04:18 UTC 2014

Dear all,

at the last telco, John and Philipp briefly introduced the work of the
novel W3C Community Group on Best Practices for Multilingual Linked Open
Data (www.w3.org/community/bpmlod/).

One of the areas they work on is the development of URI schemes for
language resources, and thinking about it afterwards, I was wondering about
the relation between this work and the Language Resource Identifiers
developed in the ELRA/LDC context (
http://www.elra.info/Establishing-the-ISLRN.html), and (possibly) other
initiatives about whose current solutions I don't know too much about (say,
http://langsci-press.org/ ?).

So, these are my questions:
- Is there any direct relation between these?
- Are there other (independent) proposals in this direction?

My feeling is that this is a risk that different branches of the community
may come up with quite different, and incompatible solutions (as we have
seen before). However, maybe I'm wrong, and I'd like to be disproved here,


Thanks a lot, and all the best,
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