[open-linguistics] Linguistic relevance

Jonathan Pool pool at panlex.org
Tue Feb 24 15:50:06 UTC 2015

>> As a thought, could we find criteria for all three? E.g. does mere usage
>> in Language Technology qualify?
> I think it should, also because certain "non-linguistic" resources would be
> ruled out otherwise. The DBpedia falls into this category

Doesn't this create a risk that any resource linked to DBpedia is included, even if it is linked to elements of DBpedia that, alone, would not be classified as a linguistic resource?

> Actually, Jonathan provided a definition that nay be used for separating
> "content" from "intention" by distinguishing language resources and
> linguistic resources ("suggestion 4" in the wiki) -- if I understand your
> ideas about content correctly ;)
> Best,
> Christian

I think you have. As you noted previously, any content definition may need revision in order to have a benign extension.

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