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Apologies for cross-posting, I just couldn't see that this message has been
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Subject: Workshop "Development of LLOD Resources for Collaborative Data
Intensive Research in the L Sciences"
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You are invited to attend the *Workshop on the Development of Linguistic
Linked Open Data (LLOD) Resources for Collaborative Data Intensive Research
in the Language Sciences* to be held in conjunction with the *Linguistic
Society of America 2015 Summer Institute* themed “Linguistic Theory in a
World of Big Data”.  Funded by the National Science Foundation and the
Cornell Institute for Social Sciences, this two-day workshop will be open
to the public and free.  This Workshop will convene a multidisciplinary
group of international scholars currently engaged in the technical and
conceptual challenges involved in linking data for collaborative research.
Research in the field of language acquisition, including the acquisition of
multilingualism, will provide a case study of urgent collaborative research
needs in the field.  The purpose of this Workshop is to develop
communication and advanced synergy between scholars with active research
needs and those developing technical capacity to enable solutions through
the various multifaceted demands of LOD, including both operative
engineering advances and ontologies enabling interoperable language data.
A hands-on workshop to explore initial cyberinfrastructure endeavors will
be available to pre-registrants.


Dates & Time: July 25 & 26, 2015, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Place: University of Chicago, Cobb Hall, Room 115

Admission: Free, but participants are asked to pre-register

For Additional Information and to pre-register, please visit:

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