[open-linguistics] Transferring datahub.io metadata authorship

Víctor Rodríguez Doncel vrodriguez at fi.upm.es
Fri Sep 11 10:49:14 UTC 2015


I have also found some metadata records not up to date with respect to 
the license.
But the problem is even worse: in occasions the information in the VoID 
file or within the resource does not match the datahub.io metadata record
If you are discussing this in the next conf. call, I will not miss the 


El 11/09/2015 12:45, Christian Chiarcos escribió:
> with the recent discussion of license information, we found that some 
> metadata was outdated, e.g., regarding license information. Partly 
> this is because the people who created this metadata (including 
> myself, e.g., for various LDL contributions) are not the actual data 
> maintainers and cannot continuously monitor the development of a dataset.
> I would therefore encourage every data provider to take over 
> authorship of his/her own metadata.
> Unfortunately, there is no straight-forward way to do so with 
> datahub.io as an ordinary user. Actually, you need to create a new 
> entry (by copying/adjusting the content of the old one), then drop the 
> owner of the current one a line and ask them to remove the old one. 
> Then, you can rename your newly created entry such that it takes the 
> position of the old one.
> We have privileged datahub users on the list: Do you know about an 
> alternative? 

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