[open-linguistics] Call for participation in IODC 2016 workshop on Open Linguistic Data (October, 5th, Madrid, Spain)

Llorens Gonzalez, Juan De Dios JDLLORENS at minetur.es
Fri Aug 19 13:05:00 UTC 2016

Dear Christian

It’s me who thank you for your interest in participating.

I think that joining Open Data with Language Technologies could even enable a new knowledge revolution, a new global Enlightenment; but to achieve this (to assure, in Emer Coleman’s words, that “Open data is moving from the tyranny of the expert to the wisdom of the crowd.”), addressing its societal, economic, legal and technical challenges is unavoidable.

So, I dearly hope to have you here!

My best


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Dear Juan Llorens,

thank you for letting us know. I agree it would be great for our community to be present at IODC.

@List: Anyone? Maybe from UPM? If we find a volunteer, we can support him/her with slides or a poster introducing OWLG and LLOD (I have some, others do, too).


Am .08.2016, 12:12 Uhr, schrieb Llorens Gonzalez, Juan De Dios <JDLLORENS at minetur.es<mailto:JDLLORENS at minetur.es>>:

Dear OWLG members:

In the context of IODC 2016, we are organising and a workshop on Open Data and Language Processing Technologies.

(We have even borrowed the name you coined “Open Linguistic Data”: http://opendatacon.org/agenda/pre-events/open-linguistic-data/, but since we haven’t been able to contact you till now, we will change this as soon as possible.)

This is a 4 hours long workshop whose goal is to raise awareness on the potential benefits of combining Open Data with Language Processing Technologies, and address its specific societal, economic, legal and technical features and challenges.

We regard OKFN and OWLG views on this topics as of the utmost relevance and that they do have to be present at this workshop.

Would be possible to have any of you at this workshop to share these views with other participants and the audience?

This workshop is scheduled the 5th October 2016, 15:30 to 19:30, in Madrid (Spain).

Looking forward to reading from you soon.

My best,

Juan Llorens
Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society
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