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*6th International Conference on Model & Data Engineering**
**Aguadulce, Almeria, SPAIN

**21-23 September 2016


_*Special Issues:*_

 1. *Computer Standards & Interfaces, Elsevier (5-Year Impact Factor:
 2. *Computer Languages, Systems and Structures, Elsevier (5-Year Impact
    Factor: 0.416)*

_*Keynote Speakers:*_

 1. *Professor Ulrich Frank, Germany*
 2. *Professor Schahram Dustdar, Austria*

*_Important Dates_*

  * *Full paper submission deadline: May 23th 2016*
  * *Notification to authors: June 19th 2016*
  * *Camera ready submissions: July 6th 2016*

_*Gala Party:

*Gala party will take place 22 September in Fort-Bravo/Texas-Hollywood 
which is thebiggest film studios of Western style in Europe. They are 
located in the desert of **Tabernas, Almería : 

The 6th International Conference on Model & Data Engineering (MEDI) will 
be held from 21 to 23 September 2016 in Almería, Spain. Previous MEDI 
events took place at Obidos/Portugal (2011), Poitiers/France (2012), 
Calabria/Italy (2013), Larnaca/Cyrpus (2014) and Rhodes Island/ Greece 
(2015). The main objective of the conference is to provide a forum for 
the dissemination of research accomplishments and to promote the 
interaction and collaboration between the models and data research 
communities. This international scientific event, initiated by 
researchers from Euro-Mediterranean countries, aims also at promoting 
the creation of north-south scientific networks, projects and 
faculty/student exchanges.


**Modelling and Models Engineering*

  * Design of general-purpose modelling languages and related stand-ards
  * Model driven engineering, modelling languages, meta-modelling, model
    transformation, model evolution
  * Formal modelling, verification and validation, analysis, testing
  * Ontology based modelling, role of ontologies in modelling activities
  * Model manipulation and models as first objects
  * Heterogeneous modelling, model integration, interoperability
  * Modeling in software engineering; applications of models
  * Modeling in the contexts of emerging applications and paradigms:
    cloud computing, data analytics, big data, social network,services, etc.
  * Modeling &  Standards

*Data Engineering*

  * Heterogeneous data, data Integration and Interoperability
  * Distributed, parallel, grid, p2p, cloud databases
  * Data warehouses and OLAP, data mining
  * Database system Internals, performance, self-tuning benchmarking and
  * Database security, personalization, recommendation
  * Web databases, ontology based databases
  * Applications and case studies
  * Modeling for Data Management
  * New models and architectures for databases and data warehouses
  * Modeling and quality of data
  * Modeling for enhancing sharing data
  * Models for explicit and implicit semantics based data optimization
  * Model reification, model repositories
  * Modeling nonfunctional properties of systems
  * Data as models and models as data
  * Service based data management, service oriented applications
  * Models for data monitoring
  * Urbanization of database applications
  * Cost Models for New Paradigms
  * Eco-design of Advanced Database Applications
  * Data Lifecycle Management for Big Data (sources, cleansing,
    federation, preservation, privacy, etc.)
  * Machine Learning
  * Knowledge Bases
  * Hardware optimizations for Big Data (multi-core, GPU, networking, etc.)
  * Data Flow management and scheduling
  * Storage and analytic architectures
  * Recommendation & Personalization
  * Trust and credential management
  * Trusted Computing in Cloud Computing

*Applications and tooling*

  * Industry transfer, experiences
  * Data and model manipulation and tooling
  * Modelling tools and experimentation

_*General Co-Chairs:*_

  * Jesús M. Almendros-Jiménez, University of Almería, Spain
  * Yamine Ait Ameur, ENSEEIHT/IRIT, France

_*Program Committee Co-Chairs:*_

  * Oscar Pastor López, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
  * Ladjel Bellatreche, ISAE-ENSMA, Poitiers, France

*Organizing Committee:*

  * Jesús M. Almendros-Jiménez, University of Almería, Spain
  * Antonio Becerra-Terón, University of Almería, Spain
  * Manuel Torres, University of Almería, Spain

*Program Committee:

*_*Submission Procedure:*_

Authors are invited to submit research and application papers 
representing original, previously unpublished work. Papers should be 
submitted in PDF format. Submissions must conform to Springer's Lecture 
Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) format and should not exceed 12 pages. 
Authors who want to buy extra pages may submit a paper up to 16 pages 
with the indication that the authors will purchase extra pages if the 
paper is accepted. Submissions which do not conform to the LNCS format 
and/or which exceed 12 pages (or 16 pages with the extra page purchase 
commitment) will be rejected without reviews. Submitted papers will be 
carefully evaluated based on originality, significance, technical 
soundness, and clarity of exposition. All accepted papers will be 
published in Springer LNCS series. Duplicate submissions are not allowed.

*Gala party will take place 22 September in Fort-Bravo/Texas-Hollywood*


/Fort-Bravo/Texas-Hollywood are the biggest film studios of Western 
style in Europe. They are located in the desert of Tabernas, Almería. 
These decorations dating from the 60´s when Sergio Leone discovered 
Tabernas (Almería) and started rolling his numerous successes in the 
cinema, making Tabernas a reference to making movies, knows as 
spaghetti-western movies. Currently in Fort Bravo is still rolling 
films, commercials, music videos, shorts films... You can contemplate an 
authentic wooden populated American Old West, see a typical Mexican 
town, enter in a military fort and see an Indian village or walking in 
the streets of the West town, watching the show of cowboys with 
gunfights and poker games in the Saloon, bank robbery, cancan dancing in 
traditional costumes of the time, ride on horse cart, rental horses for 
guided walks and routes, photo studio for dressing like the people of 
the Western era... Fort-Bravo/Texas-Hollywood has Saloon-Bar , 
restaurant, souvenir shop to get souvenir gift and bungalows fully 
equipped for use and enjoyment. And in summer Fort-Bravo/Texas-Hollywood 
has a beautiful themed swimming pool for taking a bath with your family 
and a private BBQ local or a very big Saloon of celebrations for all 
kinds of events, celebrations, parties, communions, weddings and bachelor./


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Téléport 2 - 1 avenue Clément Ader -  BP 40109
Tel. (+33) (0)5-49-49-80-77  -  Fax :  (+33) (0)5-49-49-80-64
E-mail: bellatreche at ensma.fr
URL: http://www.lias-lab.fr/members/bellatreche

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