[open-linguistics] GeoLing code open source now

Damir Cavar dcavar at me.com
Tue Jun 5 16:49:02 UTC 2018

Hi everybody,

GeoLing is a map service that displays on a global map all linguistics
information posted to LINGUIST List - from jobs, to conferences, to


It is available as open source on GitHub now.

The LINGUIST List posts to the mailing list only events of global
relevance, but if you want to inform the community about any local
events in your area, GeoLing is the tool you want to use. When you
submit events to GeoLing, they are not only displayed on the GeoLing
map, but also forwarded to all LINGUIST List pages on social media. They
are also made accessible via the LINGUIST List Amazon Alexa Flash
Briefing service.

Any information that contains geo-coordinates or addresses - when
 posted on LINGUIST List (using the structured submission interface on
its website: http://linguistlist.org/LL/posttolinguist.cfm
<https://linguistlist.org/LL/posttolinguist.cfm>) is instantly mapped on
GeoLing and does not need to be separately posted on GeoLing:

If you want to make public information about:

- Talks and meetings at your local departments

- Colloquium presentations

- Workgroup meetings

- The office address of your institution, department, program

- Book presentations

- Language resources, data sets, tools

- And other information of local and regional interest

submit the announcements to GeoLing!

GeoLing runs on all major browsers and on mobile devices and is

To learn how to submit a local event, please

To add a local event, please visit:http://geoling.linguistlist.org/add/

I have release the entire code of the GeoLing app on GitHub now:


The LINGUIST List team will continue to put full efforts into GeoLing
and expand its capabilities and features. You are welcome to join us and
help us by forking the GitHub repo.

Please consider supporting The LINGUIST List in our 2018 Fund Drive by
making a donation at http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/donate/



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