[open-linguistics] Gathering publication metadata + status of LLOD cloud

John P. McCrae john.mccrae at insight-centre.org
Mon Oct 1 10:32:42 UTC 2018

Hi Christian,

The maintenance of the LOD (and the linguistic subcloud) has move to
http://lod-cloud.net. You should be able to update and view metadata for
all datasets there.

The idea of hosting a bibliography is a great idea :)


On 28 September 2018 at 17:15, Christian Fäth <Chris.Faeth.de at t-online.de>

> Dear all,
> with some faint relation to the recent discussion about publication
> frameworks and licences, I have a question wrt. metadata of publications.
> Is there currently any repository out there with extensive covery of our
> papers on open linguistics / linked data, ideally supplying the data in
> BibTex format? If not, is there any interest in creating such a repository?
> We might be able to host a service in Frankfurt providing basic
> functionality. The idea is that everyone submits his locally gathered
> entries and we merge the files and make them publically available. Of
> course this can only be done if the metadata is published under an open
> licence. Please let me know what you think. It might decrease the effort of
> everyone creating, finding and maintaining the metadata on their own.
> In addition to that, I wanted to ask about the current status of the LLOD
> cloud. Since the major version update at datahub.io several months ago,
> it is no longer possible to freely upload and maintain datasets there.
> Since a large portion of the LLOD cloud consists of datahub entries or
> datasets referenced through datahub, a decline of cloud size might be
> imminent. I know that John was working on a new web form for adding data to
> the cloud but I am uncertain of the status. Since we are on the brink of
> converting a larger set of XML corpora into CoNLL-RDF it would be nice to
> know about the best practice for adding data to the cloud in the future.
> Does anyone know if or when old.datahub.io will be closed? Are there any
> plans on how to proceed with affected cloud resources after that? (Esp.
> datasets whose maintainers do not take care of the issue of their own
> accord?)
> Best regards and a nice weekend to all of you,
> Christian Fäth
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