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Mon Jun 21 14:14:26 UTC 2010

Dear All,

Further to Jack's email, I have added Sophie, Megan and Sarah to the
Open Literature list. (Welcome!) It occurs to me that not everyone may
be up to date with the organising doodle, so here's the link:


(I suspect we may have to have several skype conferences in order to
fit everyone in...)

On a different note, there are several pending requests for an editor,
if you are interested, please email both myself and the writer, and
update the google document (accessible from the 'Team' section of
blog.openshakespeare.org) - it does not matter if you have not edited
before, just post requests for help to the list or to me:

TAMING OF THE SHREW: Writer: Jack Belloli (ggb24 at cam.ac.uk)
Somehow this one got through the net, and has been published to the
website without any kind of proofreading. Is missing 'Contributed by'
line. Not much work otherwise needed, to judge from a quick glance.

THE PHOENIX AND THE TURTLE: Write: Alan Tarcia (alan.tarcia at gmail.com)
The editor will work in collaboration with the author on the reworking
of this introduction, which will in turn be related to a larger
article on the debates over the authorship of Shakespeare. If you are
at all interested in the context of Shakespeare's poetry, do get in
touch, and help produce something that is both balanced and

There are also a few plays that were 'claimed' a long time ago, and
have yet to receive an introduction (Pericles, Merchant of Venice,
Timon....) If you are unable to continue this work, please let us know
by removing your name from the spreadsheet.

OK, think that's about everything for now. One last thing, anyone
fancy writing word of the day articles?

Looking forward to hearing from you about the conference, the editing,
the introductions, and the blog,


On 19 June 2010 09:56, G.G. Belloli <ggb24 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi Rufus, I've emailed Sophie, Megan and Sarah with links to the Google
> spreadsheet, the main website itself and the Skype doodle. I tried to join
> them to the 'cc' bar of the most recent openshakespeare mail but it bounced
> off - could you tell me how to join them to the list? Their emails are
> mm778 at cam.ac.uk, sl536 at cam.ac.uk and sarah.grieves at cantab.net. Regarding the
> PS, I've emailed Nick personally - sorry, should've probably done it through
> the list. Hopefully see you next week, Jack
>> Jack, just a quick ping to ask if you've emailed the students who came
>> to the "garden party" -- it would be good to get in contact before
>> this disappear into holidays. Also would be useful if you would
>> forward names and emails to open-shakespeare at okfn.org (checked by
>> James and me).
>> Rufus
>> PS: you also meant to write to open-literature about IE issues I think ...

'The Marriage of Text and Technology'

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