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Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Mar 24 00:40:57 UTC 2010

Another interesting offer though licensing issues again ...


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From: Peter Pressman <speakthespeech at gmail.com>
Date: 22 March 2010 16:26
Subject: Shakespearean resources
To: info at ...


I'm the founder of Speak the Speech, an organization that gives away
free Shakespearean audio performance under a Creative Commons license.
 I heard about your program through SHAKESPER, and wanted to encourage
you to link to our performances--  I'm not sure that you could include
them on your website under the structure of your license, however.
Have you had much luck finding other people interested in helping with
your project?  If you find any interested in contributing to audio
productions, I'd appreciate you sending them our way!


Peter Pressman

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