[open-literature] Open Correspondence bugs

print.crimes print.crimes at yatterings.com
Thu Nov 4 14:15:56 UTC 2010

Hi Rufus,

Following the move on Sunday, I've been doing some work on some of the 
issues that we discovered. I've uploaded changes to the tests which now 
work with the changed urls.

I've also reworked the Xapian instance so that it runs off a remote 
server. It still needs some configuration in main.py (were we going to 
change the name of the file to something like commands.py?) and a path 
adding to the .ini file but it worked when I tested it on Ubuntu using a 
TCP connection and xapian-core. The search page isn't linked from the 
navigation yet but once we're happy that it is working then that can be 
changed (I think that we need to really link this on the letter/index 
page but the interface can be redone once the backend works).

I think I skyped you the url for the timeline. I'm wondering if using 
Couch to store the data would speed up the load so that it is not 
reparsing each time. I think this might be my next big thing (which 
links into the GIS conversation on okfn-help) as well as the continued 
tinkering on parsing which also feeds into that work.


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