[open-science-dev] New member - introduction

Timothy Hill thill at nyu.edu
Mon Aug 8 08:49:57 UTC 2011

Hello, all,

My name is Timothy Hill. I'm a developer new to the Open Knowledge
Foundation, but I'm very enthused by its aims and community.

In particular, I'd be very interested in contributing to projects
focused on environmental data - especially ecological/biological data,
but also data on renewable energy and climate science.

As the above list indicates, this is motivated more by environmental
concerns than scientific specialism: I have no background in
scientific disciplines beyond first-year undergraduate courses.
However, I'm interested in learning as much as is feasible and in
coding to support open data applications in these areas.

Technically I have plenty of experience in Java, MySQL, XML/XSLT and
JavaScript/jQuery development, have done some work with RDF/SPARQL,
and am developing experience  with Python.

If this mix of skills seems useful to any of the projects the OKF
science dev group currently has on the go, do let me know. I'm
currently in full-time (and challenging!) employment, so don't have
vast amounts of time to spare. But that which I'd do I'd be very
interested in devoting to OKF development.



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