[open-science-dev] Hackathon! Semantic Tools for Life Sciences (OKF/JISC-DevSCI/SWAT4LS)

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Sat Oct 15 16:10:01 UTC 2011

Dear All

The working group are involved in organising a hackathon as part of the
Semantic Web for the Life Sciences (SWAT4LS) conference in London this
December and we'd like to encourage those of you with some web/app/software
development skills to participate!

While the theme of the hackathon is broad, covering the generation of
semantic web tools for the life sciences, a particular area of interest for
several members of the working group is the development of open research
reports using open bibliographic data from PubMedCentral and crowdsourced
summaries of disease research. Suggestions for initial topics are malaria
and cancer.

This event is kindly sponsored by JISC through their DevSCI project

When: Tuesday 6 December, evening and Wednesday 7 December 2011, all day
Where: ULU, London (TBC)
Website and registration: h

Participants are recommended to discuss ideas via the open-science list
(although we may move this to open-science-dev if things get too techy) so
please do follow and contribute to the conversation even if you can't attend
the event. There may be opportunities to participate remotely so please
email me if you're interested in doing that.

I hope several of you can make it!

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