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Only 3 hours by car from Eindhoven.


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- Call for Posters
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Forwarding mail from the organisers:

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our
forthcoming symposium:

*Open Science and the Chemistry Lab of the Future.*

*22-24 May 2017*

*Hotel Jagdschloss Niederwald*




Open Science and the Chemistry Lab of the Future: changing practices,
cultures and perspectives

Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, Data Sharing and Big Data are
examples of buzz words that are used to describe the new opportunities and
demands for sharing and reusing the results of scientific research. The
advantages for the scientific community in gaining unrestricted access are
immense, but only if the data is standardized, comprehensively reported,
validated and authenticated. In chemistry and biochemistry the consequences
of funding agency mandates for depositing and sharing data are just
becoming apparent.

In the laboratory, interconnected devices are allowing new paradigms to
develop in the design, control and reproducibility of experiments and
procedures. This will involve modifying current workflows to integrate
reporting standards and make use of automation. This symposium will bring
together research scientists, data scientists, publishers, funders and
other interested parties to review critically their needs and concerns and
discuss how they see the future developing in the context of the highly
interconnected, data driven lab of the future and the new infrastructures
that are being set up.

Confirmed speakers:

   - *Ian Baxendale* / Durham University
   - *Christoph Bruch* / Helmholtz Association, Potsdam
   - *Ian Bruno* / Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
   - *Stuart Chalk* / University of North Florida, Jacksonville
   - *Lee Cronin* / University of Glasgow
   - *Johannes Fournier* / German Research Foundation, Bonn
   - *Jeremy Frey* / University of Southampton
   - *Nicole Jung* / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
   - *Carsten Kettner* / Beilstein-Institut, Frankfurt
   - *Richard Kidd* / Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge
   - *Stefan Knapp* / Goethe University, Frankfurt
   - *Wolfram Koch* / Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Frankfurt
   - *Angelina Kraft* / Technische Informationsbibliothek, Hannover
   - *Greg Landrum* / KNIME AG, Zurich
   - *Andrew Leach* / European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge
   - *Frederique Lisacek* / Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva
   - *Leah McEwen* / Cornell University, Ithaca
   - *Henry Rzepa* / Imperial College London
   - *Frank Schuhmacher* / MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam
   - *Klaus Tochtermann */ ZBW Kiel
   - *Matthew Todd* / University of Sydney
   - *Richard Whitby* / University of Southampton
   - *John Wise* / Pistoia Alliance
   - *Roland Wohlgemuth* / Sigma-Aldrich, Buchs, Switzerland

The secluded setting and the limited number of participants, provide a very
convivial atmosphere for the ready exchange of thoughts and ideas. Please
see our website for information about previous symposia:

There are still some slots available for poster presentations. Please see
the website for more information.

The hotel is located above the village of Rüdesheim, in the Rhine valley,
not far from Frankfurt.

We would be delighted to be able to welcome you there.

Kind regards, Martin Hicks

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