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Simon Columbus simon at simoncolumbus.com
Mon Feb 6 14:10:55 UTC 2017

Dear Jeroen, Bianca,

thank you for taking this initiative.

I would be very interested in a meeting to coordinate open science efforts.
I know that in Germany, initiatives based at the various universities are
loosely coordinated through a network (https://osf.io/tbkzh/); something
similar would be very useful in NL.

Unfortunately, I fear that this week may be too short of a notice, though I
will see whether I can make it to Den Haag on Thursday.

Kind regards,

P.S. I've added Florian Wanders to the addressees; we've collaborated on a
number of efforts.

On 6 February 2017 at 11:51, Caux, Jean-Sébastien <J.S.Caux at uva.nl> wrote:

> Dear Bianca and Jeroen,
> Many thanks for your message and your initiative.
> I and many professional scientist colleagues are greatly in favour of Open
> Science, but feel that many of the initiatives proposed come short of a
> full solution to our problems.
> That’s one of the reasons why I launched SciPost (https://scipost.org),
> in order to provide a true grassroots solution to the problems of
> scientific publishing, by and for scientists.
> I am unfortunately unable to make this Thursday’s meeting, but would be
> interested in a follow-up meeting as you propose in your email.
> All the best,
> J-S Caux
> Prof. dr Jean-Sébastien Caux
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> On 6 Feb, 2017, at 11:14 AM, Bosman, J.M. (Jeroen) <j.bosman at uu.nl> wrote:
> Dear Open Science enthusiast,
> We are two Open Science advocates, activists if you will, who have been
> actively involved in charting and interpreting developments in Open Science
> both nationally and internationally. We have been pondering whether or not
> to reach out to you collectively, and a few circumstances made us decide to
> indeed do so.
> This Thursday (February 9, at 3PM) a number of Dutch organizations will
> sign the ‘National Plan Open Science’ during a meeting in The Hague (you
> can register here
> <https://m8.mailplus.nl/genericservice/code/servlet/React?wpEncId=jjr8Swy6Gu&wpMessageId=1483&userId=380363&command=viewPage&activityId=test&encId=1>
>  if you want to attend). This is an initiative of the Ministry of
> Education, Culture and Science (Sander Dekker) and has been prepared in
> relative seclusion over the last three months. Apart from the organizations
> involved a number of others (us included) have been interviewed, or have
> provided feedback on a 80%-version of the plan after reading the blogposts
> by Wilma van Wezenbeek
> <https://tulibrarian.weblog.tudelft.nl/author/wvanwezenbeek/>.
> Simultaneously with the signing of the National Plan Open Science, an Open
> Science platform and website will be launched (https://openscience.nl/).
> The National Plan Open Science focuses on more open access, open data and
> changes in assessment culture. These aims are to be fostered by
> organizations supporting researchers (funders, institutions, libraries,
> SURF, VSNU etc.)
> We wonder though what you as researchers think of Open Science
> developments, especially those in the Netherlands. We are witnessing
> growing interest among researchers in practicing Open Science, which can
> also be concluded from increasing usage of e.g. preprints, OSF, R, GitHub,
> open access, Publons and from institutions and funders (EU, NWO etc.)
> increasingly stressing the importance of Open Science.
> We would like to ask whether you would be interested in an open meeting
> to discuss what you as researchers think priorities for Open Science should
> be and to what extent these fit into the National Plan.
> We contend that the many Open Science activities already undertaken by
> individuals and research groups could benefit from each other. Therefore,
> it might be good to informally share Open Science practices that people
> like yourself already have integrated into their workflow, and perhaps
> discuss how cross-pollination could take shape.
> This can also provide valuable information for future discussions with a
> broader spectrum of (early career) researchers on the incentives and
> barriers towards implementation of Open Science.
> If there is interest in such a meeting, we will announce details via
> Twitter and on the Open Science-NL discussion list managed by Egon
> Willighagen (please sign up to that if you have not yet done so:
> https://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/open-science-nl).
> Please let us know if you would be interested to meet each other, and if
> you know of any other researchers we should contact. If any of you are
> present at the signing this Thursday we could also discuss the idea of a
> meeting there. Just let us know.
> Kind regards, looking forward to meet you,
> Bianca Kramer (@MsPhelps) & Jeroen Bosman (@jeroenbosman)
> both at Utrecht University Library
> 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication
> <https://101innovations.wordpress.com/>
> Utrecht Summer School course on Open Science
> <https://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/courses/science/open-science-and-scholarship-changing-your-research-workflow>
> PS In the run-up to the signing of the National Open Science Plan we are
> sharing various definitions of Open Science that we collected in our own
> organization. Find them on Twitter by using the hashtag #openscienceis. Add
> yours if you will ;-)
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> <https://101innovations.wordpress.com/>
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