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Hi All

Info about the next two events can be found below, hopefully see many of
you there!


*Wed 26 Oct: The Bodleian on Open Science: Bodley’s ‘Republic of [open]
letters' *(19:30-21:00 Oxford e-Research Centre, 7 Keble Road)
The Bodleian Libraries is building a new 21st century digital ‘republic of
letters,’ extending Thomas Bodley’s original vision for his library to open
up collections to all who need them. The Libraries are creating digital
open access collections, and are using web technologies to provide free
access to Oxford research publications, research data and bibliographic

Find out how the libraries are helping Oxford researchers make their
science open and bring your questions!


   - Dr Wolfram Horstmann: Associate Director, Digital Library Programmes
   and Information Technology
   - Alena Ptak-Danchak: Keeper of Scientific Books and Head of Bodleian
   Science and Medical Libraries
   - Sally Rumsey: Digital Collections Development Manager
   - Neil Jefferies: Research and Development Project Manager

Topics presented for discussion include:

   - An overview of the Bodleian and openness in the context of the
   - The view from the sciences
   - ORA and open publications and theses
   - Open data, DataBank and DataFinder
   - The technologies behind our services

(Part of Open Access Week, more events can be found here



*Wed 28 Nov: The Ethics and Practicalities of Open Clinical Trial Data
Oxford e-Research Centre, 7 Keble Road)

Lack of access to clinical trial data is a major problem for the medical
and research community, which has sparked several recent high profile
editorials and a new book by Ben Goldacre 'Bad Pharma'. We discuss the
situation as it stands and how to increase the availability of clinical
trial data for independent analysis and scrutiny.
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