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From: Nicolas Balacheff <Nicolas.Balacheff at imag.fr>
Date: 2009/4/9
Subject: [kaleidoscope ] Evaluating TeLearn and OA visibility
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Dear colleagues,
as former a participant in the Network Kaleidoscope, you may remember that
one of the output of our project has been the launch of the TeLearn Open
Archive. We are planing to engage new initiatives to support the use of the
archive, and for that we would like to have a better idea of either your
knowledge and use of open archives, or of TeLearn in particular.
For this purpose we have designed a questionnaire not long to fill in.
Answering this questionnaire, that you will find at the following URL:
should not require more than 10 minutes.
Should you have any problem to do so, please contact
grenoble at noe-kaleidoscope.org
The access to the questionnaire is open until April the 30th, thank you for
taking this time to support the TeLearn initiative.
Best regards
Nicolas Balacheff
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