[open-science] STFC Strategy consulation

Neylon cameron.neylon at stfc.ac.uk
Wed Mar 18 09:07:29 UTC 2009

The strategy document for the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council
is up for consultation until Friday. STFC is the UK's central research
infrastructure funder. We build, operate, and subscribe to facilities
including Diamond, ISIS, Hartree Computational Centre, ESRF, ILL, CERN, and
a wide range of international astronomy facilities. We are therefore the
UK's primary research data generator and also have a strong coordinating
presence within the UK E-science programmes.

It might therefore be argued that STFC should take a leadership position
within the UK research councils on data availability, curation, and
management. The strategy document, which covers approach, priorities, and
future directions currently contains no mention of either Open Access or
Open Data. If you feel that these might be appropriate issues to be
addressed in the strategy document then please do comment at:




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