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a case of corporate powers blocking open scholarly, by simple tweeks of
interface. I wonder if there's something to be done.
e.g. can we campaign for an academic boycott of bibliographic indices that
do not provide a BibTex interface?

By the way, I personally much prefer Bibsonomy to Zotero, but that's beside
the point.

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There was discussion on this list last year on the law suit that
Thomson-Reuters were taking against George Mason Uni to try to shut down
Zotero, the F/OSS alternative to EndNote. See
http://dltj.org/article/endnote-zotero-lawsuit/ or

Yesterday I was updating my teaching presentation on the use of on-line
bibliographic resources. In the course of doing so I discovered that T-R
have re-jigged the ISI site so you it no longer presents its result in a
form readable by Zotero.

This seems to me morally, if not in law, an abuse of T-R's growing
monopolistic power over key resources essential to the academic
community and something we should regard with the deepest suspicion.

I hope that list members will make this abuse widely known.

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