[open-science] FAQs for the Panton Principles and Open Data

Mike Chelen mike at opensci.info
Mon Mar 22 08:53:20 UTC 2010

Tried answering some of the questions, there could be some mistakes though ;)

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 12:43 PM, Peter Murray-Rust <pm286 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> We are talking to a variety of editors and publishers who are keen to make
> data "open available" and in many cases mandate it as part of the scientific
> process. It's clear that although PP are (I hope) fairly self-explanatory
> the implications (licences, buttons, "public domain", community norms, etc.)
> are unclear and need careful explanation. One way to do this is through FAQs
> and we (Rufus, Cameron, Jonathan + me) are asking for the help of the
> OpenScience list to provide useful communal answers. I'll post the FAQs -
> feel welcome to add to them but not TOO many - and ask you to create
> answers. There is a pirate pad at:
> http://piratepad.net/LgLRcGLw35
> Please use to edit, discuss, hack etc.
> We will appreciate rapid feedback as we hope to promote this to attendees at
> the AmerChemicalSoc (ACS) next week.
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