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Since this focuses in part on the digital economy and collaboration it may
be of interest especially to any Indian OKF members

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*DEADLINE for **registration** of intention to submit: **1 December 2010*

*DEADLINE: **5 January 2011*

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Indian Department of Science and
Technology (DST) expect to support large collaborative consortia projects
from this call which address the research challenges set out below.

*FUNDING*: The costs of the UK Institutions will be met from RCUK funds,
those for the Indian partner institutions will be met by the DST. Projects
should be three years in duration.

*SCOPE*: This call will focus on ‘Bridging the Urban and rural Divide’. The
Research projects are required to address at least one theme (Energy,
Healthcare, Enterprise) and be underpinned by robust, digitally secure
systems. Proposals must show awareness of the principles of the call and
must be highly cross-disciplinary and collaborative in nature.

A key aim of this scheme is to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration on
common research challenges for the UK and India, with a focus on technical
challenges in Energy and Digital Economy.

*ELIGIBILITY*: Usual eligibility requirements of DST and EPSRC apply. In

   - Only activities that involve academic collaboration between the UK and
   India can be considered.
   - The Proposals should be for consortia and should include both UK and
   Indian partners.
   - Proposals involving industrial collaborators are welcomed but costs for
   these partners will not be covered by DST/ EPSRC through this call.
   - Proposals involving Non-government Organisations (NGOs) are welcomed.
   Costs for such partners in India will be covered by DST, but NGO partners in
   the UK must fund their participation from other sources.
   - UK and Indian lead investigators and co-investigators should be
   academic researchers from institutions eligible to apply for EPSRC/DST
   funding respectively, or researchers from Science and Technology NGOs in

*APPLICATION PROCEDURE*: EPSRC will handle proposals on behalf of RCUK.

Lead partners must register their intention to submit by contacting Hannah
Foreman (*Hannah.foreman at epsrc.ac.uk* <Hannah.foreman at epsrc.ac.uk>, 01793
444428) by 16:00 (GMT) by *1 December 2010*.  At this stage, a very brief
outline is required; details of the proposal are permitted to change before
the closing date for applications.

The UK based lead partner will should prepare and submit the proposal using
the Research Councils’ Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) System (*
https://je-s.rcuk.ac.uk/* <https://je-s.rcuk.ac.uk/>) by *16:00 (GMT) on **5
January 2011*.  The India-based lead partner will submit the identical
proposal (five hard copies of the Je-S form) using the same common proposal
format to DST for processing as per requirements of DST India (*
http://www.scienceandsociety-dst.org* <http://www.scienceandsociety-dst.org>

EPSRC must receive applications


   - UK - Dr Hannah Foreman, Portfolio Manager, Digital Economy and Energy
   Programmes EPSRC, tel (0)1793 444428, email
*Hannah.foreman at epsrc.ac.uk*<Hannah.foreman at epsrc.ac.uk>
   - India - Head Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development Division,
   Department of Science and Technology, Technology Bhawan, New Delhi 110016


   - Scheme web page at *
   - Details of the scheme at *

Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
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