[open-science] Speaker for a virtual talk to a EU FP7 project cluster on Open Data licenses?

john wilbanks wilbanks at creativecommons.org
Thu Apr 7 18:41:00 UTC 2011

Early May works for me for a virtual meeting. We've done a ton of stuff 
in and around toxicity between our Neurocommons work and, more recently, 
via Sage Bionetworks (Congress is late next week) and the "proof of 
concept clinical archipelago" (see 
http://www.nature.com/news/2011/110302/full/471017a.html) both of which 
are angling to get lots of tox data out into the commons under either a 
public domain regime or creative commons licensing.

You should definitely take advantage of Rufus' offer to present at that 
meeting as well.

I won't be at BioIT World - we've moved SC west to the Bay Area and 
integrated it into Creative Commons proper, so you'll see less and less 
of the Science Commons moniker. If you're out here drop me a line.


On 4/7/2011 10:23 AM, Barry Hardy wrote:
> Sounds good John! We could schedule a virtual meeting for early May? For
> anyone interested in meeting up f2f, I will be in Boston from Monday Apr
> 11 for a few days for the Bio-IT meeting.
> This topic is also relevant to several related activities we are
> pursuing within OpenTox to develop open, public standards; e.g., see a
> couple of recent presentations at:
> Insights into an Interoperable Approach to Collaborative Drug Design and
> Predictive Toxicology
> http://www.opentox.org/home/documents/presentations/hardyiqpcpresentationfeb2011/view
> and
> Ontology Development in support of Predictive Toxicology Use Cases &
> Services
> http://www.opentox.org/home/documents/presentations/presopentoxebinov2010/view
> (With other participants I am currently formulating a joint roadmap
> perspective for public tox ontology development from this workshop.)
> Barry
> Barry Hardy PhD
> Director, Community of Practice & Research Activities
> and OpenTox Project Coordinator (www.opentox.org)
> Douglas Connect
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> 4314 Zeiningen
> Switzerland
> Am 07.04.2011 12:49, schrieb John Wilbanks:
>> CC is of course also happy to contribute a talk if that is of interest
>> (hi, Barry, nice to see you on this list). We do know a fair amount
>> about data and licenses too :)
>>> On Apr 7, 2011 8:50 AM, "Egon Willighagen"
>>> <egon.willighagen at gmail.com <mailto:egon.willighagen at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> as some of you know, I recently started working on the ToxBank.net
>>> project, which is going to facilitate data analysis in a cluster of
>>> six
>>> EU FP7 projects called SEURAT-1
>>> (http://www.eurtd.com/seurat/kick-off/index.php). I would guess the
>>> whole cluster involves in between 200 and 300 scientists. (SEURAT :=
>>> Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing).
>>> In this community too there is a lot of misunderstanding about Open
>>> Data. Common issues involve questions like:
>>> * do I have to make everything Open?
>>> * can someone else make my data Open? (e.g. in the form of: "doesn't
>>> the Consortium Agreement disallow me to make data Open from
>>> partners?")
>>> * what about attribution? "stealing" of data
>>> And they generally do not see what advantages it has for them:
>>> * more exposure of their work
>>> * simplifying collaboration
>>> Another aspect is the following. This week I learned that there exist
>>> EU laws around toxicology that makes data a commodity, and that
>>> companies that measured data, have a legal ownership of that data, so
>>> that this has value when materials are sold (seriously!). It is
>>> similar to like CO2-emission right markets. It was argued that this is
>>> the EU solution to getting industry to do the required safety
>>> analysis. At this moment I do not yet have the details on this, but
>>> have requested them with the person whom I've spoken with about this.
>>> (I'll follow up on this as info comes in.)
>>> Clearly, this aspect doesn't make me happy, and EU regulation around
>>> these kind of EU projects most certainly do not seem to make the
>>> situation around Open Data more clear.
>>> Now, there is a serious interest in the Data Analysis Working Group in
>>> this SEURAT-1 cluster for a talk on Open Data, and how that works for
>>> them when participating in EU projects.
>>> Is there someone in the OKFN that could give such a virtual talk /
>>> webinar to this public? Being part of the science working group, I
>>> know a bit about things, but I am sure there are far more
>>> knowledgeable people around.
>>> Looking forward to hearing from you,
>>> greetings,
>>> Egon
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