[open-science] Notes from Open Scholarship at Repo Fringe

Jo Walsh metazool at fastmail.net
Fri Aug 5 09:43:19 UTC 2011

The piratepad from the hour-long "Round Table":


The top few lines are Mark's summary of the "principles" as far as we 
could get them in this discussion session (5 seems to duplicate 2?):

1. open scholarship is a move beyond open access
2. it is a commitment to produce scholarly work with the intention of 
sharing it with the world
3. open scholarship enables the ideal of scholarship by using currently 
available tools to the full, for that ideal
4. when scholarship is open, the creative works of the world will be 
made freely available to everyone as widely as possible
5. open scholarship - scholarship for the world

Things that jumped out at me:
- the difficulty in agreeing what "open access" is
- the sense that some principles in Open Science may not be digestible 
by the humanities (that there may be disagreement *simply because* a 
declaration may be perceived as too science-led)
- the importance of accounting for the needs of / problems faced by 
scholars in "less developed" countries (and the innovations coming from 
this direction - e.g. http://www.osdd.org/ led by Indian team.

So next steps, refining Mark's summary of the principles, putting a 
draft declaration together that James Toon can re-use for the meeting, 
next month, to update the OATS declaration on Open Access for Scottish 

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