[open-science] Working Group Profile in PLoS Biology

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Sun Aug 14 23:29:47 UTC 2011

Hi All

The OKF was approached recently by PLoS Biology to write a piece on the
working group for their Community pages. I've drafted one, and it would be
great if some of you could take a look and comment!
Please make edits, add comments throughout the text or at the end.

Things to note:
It is requested that we don't use this entirely as a self promotion activity
and therefore focus mainly on a few things we do as opposed to listing them
all, so I've tried to find a balance whilst including enough activities to
demonstrate the breadth of our scope. The focus is:
The Open Definition
The Panton Principles
I have taken it as our position that we support the idea that scientific
data should be open by default according to the Panton Principles (with all
the usual caveats for privacy, special cases etc). I'm pretty sure that this
reflects the views of most of the group, but I have mentioned that we are a
diverse bunch :)

I'd particularly like comments on:
Have I made it clear enough that the piece is discussing data associated
with published science (as per the PP)?
Are there interesting cases/examples/analogies that you think would fit in
the piece?
Any general comments on content or style
Please be frank - this is a great opportunity to get some exposure for the
group (and make us citeable) so we want this to be as good as possible.

Thanks very much for your help!

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