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Wed Aug 3 10:49:45 UTC 2011

 > Projects we should follow up/assist/otherwise get involved with.

Dear Jenny and all,
at the call in June and promised I would briefly introduce 
BioSharing, one of the activities I co-lead with Dawn Field (of 
NERC-NEBC). Sorry for the long delay, a summary is now below.
I will try to join today's call; I also strongly support open data and 
your goals. In particular I believe we need 'standardized descriptions' 
of the datasets so that these are understandable, reusable and (in 
principle) reproducible; hence the creation of a catalogue of standards, 
under BioSharing as a starting point.
I would be happy to explore links between the goals of BioSharing and 
this group.

BioSharing: policies, standards and communication in bioscience
Several data management, sharing policies and plans have emerged in 
response to increased funding for high-throughput approaches in genomics 
and functional genomics bioscience (e.g. 1). In parallel, a growing 
number of community-based groups are developing standards (minimal 
reporting requirements, terminologies and exchange formats) to harmonize 
the reporting of different experiments, so that these can be 
comprehensible and in principle reproduced, compared or integrated (2). 
A bewildering array of standards is available, but these are hard to 
find, at different levels of maturity; in some areas duplications or 
gaps in coverage also exist.

BioSharing (3) works at the global level to build stable linkages in 
particular between journals, funders, implementing data sharing 
policies, and well-constituted standardization efforts in the 
biosciences domain, to expedite the communication and the production of 
an integrated standards-based framework for the capture and sharing of 
high-throughput genomics and functional genomic bioscience data, in 
particular. BioSharing is an open-membership organization (4) that works 
to achieve its objective via a web-based catalogues a communication 
forum and annual meetings. BioSharing extends the MIBBI effort (5) - 
already known by several journals - and has already several endorsements 

1. Field*, Sansone*, Collis* et al., 'Omics Data Sharing, Science 326, 
234 (2009).
2. http://biosharing.org/standards_view
3. http://biosharing.org
4. http://biosharing.org/communities
5. http://mibbi.org or http://www.biosharing.org/reporting_guideline
or "Standard cooperating procedures", Nat Gen 43, 501 (2011).
7. partnership with BioMedCentral: 


> Hi All
> Just a reminder about the working group Skype meeting scheduled for 
> this evening. We have a lot to discuss as we didn't meet in July so I 
> hope lots of you can make it! It would be great to hear from you if 
> you've just recently joined the mailing list and would like to find 
> out more about what we do so please consider joining in.
> Looking forward to speaking to you soon!
> Jenny
> When:      Wednesday 3 August at 17:30 UTC/GMT (18:30 BST)
> Location:  Etherpad http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-3Aug2011 and Skype 
> (add your Skype ID to the Etherpad and I'll bring you into the 
> conference call)
> Please add your name and Skype ID to the list of attendees on 
> http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-3Aug2011
> Add anything you'd like to be discussed or new ideas to the agenda 
> (even if you can't make it yourself, just make sure you add enough 
> details).
> -------------------
> Current Agenda:
> * OKCon follow up:
>                Interesting people we should invite to the group.
>                Projects we should follow up/assist/otherwise get 
> involved with.
>                Ideas that came out that we could take forward.
> * open-science-dev mailing list. What apps/tools/datasets do we want 
> to see developed?
> * Review of Royal Society SAPE Submission
> * Encouraging local open science groups and meet ups.
> * AOB
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