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a small addendum as it seems generally accepted to announce contests that deal with open science. The german wikimedia foundation currently runs their “WissensWert”-contest (http://wikimedia.de/wiki/WissensWert page is in german). They fund projects that support open knowledge in general with up to 5000 € plus a public vote that could bring in additional 2000 € for the winner.  

We, the openSNP-team, also applied for funding. With 7000 € in total we could afford the genotyping of at least 35 people, which would be a huge boost in available, openly licensed data. If you like the idea you could vote for it here, it is the number two: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=de&formkey=dEFkNHRNWmlGbGpJeURoZVJmVjBabmc6MQ#gid=0


Am 03.12.2011 um 15:38 schrieb Paweł Szczęsny:

> Hi Jenny,
> Personal Genome Project (http://www.personalgenomes.org/ ) is much
> older (PGP is five years old, see
> http://www.nature.com/msb/journal/v1/n1/full/msb4100040.html ). There
> are few other similar projects developed later, for example Genomes
> Unzipped. Both PGP and GU use CC0 for data and PGP has phenotypic data
> available as well.
> Given the licensing, having more of such services like OpenSNP, PGP,
> GU or whatever else is actually a good idea. You could present the
> idea and gather data from culturally different societes (apparently
> none of expert judges had any knowledge in the field - neither PGP or
> GU is targeted at people outside of personalized medicine/genomics).
> Cheers
> PS
> On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 2:49 PM, Jenny Molloy <jenny.molloy at okfn.org> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I cam across this story on Nature news
>> (http://blogs.nature.com/news/2011/12/could_crowd_sourcing_provide_t.html ).
>> In an interesting combination of crowd sourcing and open data release,
>> openSNP encourages users of personal genome services (23andMe, deCode me
>> etc) to openly publish their results alongside phenotypic data that they
>> provide to the site. All data is available under a CC0 license, so is
>> completely compatible with the Open Knowledge Definition and the Panton
>> Principles. Is there anyone on the list who has been genotyped and would
>> like to comment on what they think of the idea?
>> From the website http://opensnp.org/:
>> Why all this?
>> openSNP is a non-profit, open-source project that is about sharing genetical
>> and phenotypic information. The idea to this project came to Bastian after
>> he was genotyped by 23andMe in May and started playing around with his data.
>> During his research he became frustrated, because it was not that easy to
>> find mode data. He started working on openSNP to fix this. To be clear: This
>> project is not about making money, selling data or to quote Google: “We
>> don’t wanna be evil”. We are just interested in making science more open and
>> accessible.
>> Jenny
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