[open-science] [okfn-discuss] "Open Access" publications under CC-NC licences

Peter Murray-Rust pm286 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Dec 10 16:10:43 UTC 2011

On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 3:38 PM, Ross Mounce <ross.mounce at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've made a few more significant discoveries WRT 'fake' / mislabelled
> "open access" publications and policies.

Ross this is brilliant! You have made such a good platform that there is
really no excuse for readers of this list not to contribute

> The etherpad is great place to coordinate but I feel a spreadsheet
> might be better for the actual data & evidence compilation thus I'm
> tabulating my finds here:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtbO6mZEvieCdDFzdkVNQld6Mnc5NEpGWVlRUVhvM3c
> Completely agreed. My only observation is that spreasheets are difficult
if there are lots of columns but this is inevitable.

> Further to examples I originally found - alarmingly it appears Nature
> (NPG) is publishing "open access" articles under CC-BY-NC-ND or
> CC-BY-NC-SA licenses    e.g.
> http://www.nature.com/ncomms/open_access/index.html
> also from a medical perspective, it's rather worrying that BMJ is
> using CC-BY-NC 2.0
> http://www.bmj.com/about-bmj/resources-authors/forms-policies-and-checklists/copyright-open-access-and-permission-reuse
> these are far from exceptional examples. The majority of those with
> some form of "open access" I've looked at so far don't seem to have
> quite understood the Budapest Declaration.
> Or do understand it and choose to use "open Access" in their own way.

> The site searching process is slow though, and I won't be able to do
> much more on it this week due to other pressing commitments (sorry!),
> thus we really could do with some help here...
> It's not slow if lots of people get involved! It's easily parallelisable!

> I'll start populating my spreadsheet with publisher names and URL's -
> if others could perhaps crowdsource analyses of these publishers' open
> access policies that'd be a BIG help.
> Some comments:
- we should differentiate Open Access journals from Hybrid Open Access. For
example Springer Open Choice is hybrid. Springer Open describes their
collection of Open Access journals. You (Ross) have used green for this?
But if you want a colour it should be Gold (yellow) for Springer Open and
blank for hybrid.
- it's worth putting in prices. Nature charges $5000 for hybrid
- pity to see indivdiual non-commercial licences as they are almost
certainly legally flawed and/or contradictory
- suggest you put in name of rapporteur
- critical to make sure that as far as possible all the info for a given
publisher is collected simultaneously as web pages change.

Reading your list I don't see *any* OA-libre offerings in the hybrid
schemes. paradoxically it can cost MORE to publish in some hybrid schemes
(where the publisher also collects subscription revenue so double dips)
than for full Open Access - libre.


Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
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