[open-science] Minutes from WG Meeting Jan 12 2011

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Dear All

See below for a summary of key points from the WG meeting on Jan 12 2011,
I've listed here the main updates, followed by a list of things you could
contribute to and any interesting events that are coming up. If you'd like
more detailed updates on projects or to view the full minutes, visit


Panton Principles:
- Panton Papers are still in progress, a first draft deadline of 15th Feb
has been set for those with authors assigned. To join the collaborative
discussion and drafting effort, have a look at the current papers and ideas
listed at http://science.okfnpad.org/PantonPapers and contribute your
thoughts. We are hoping to publish these at BMC, so if you'd like to
formally contribute to writing a paper then make yourself known on the pad
or drop me an email so we can keep track of authors and progress.
- Once the papers are nearing completion there may need to be some thematic
linking between the various topics, and a list of Panton Papers relevant
references may be compiled to add to open bibliographies.
- A page on the Panton Principles website detailing case studies and best
practise in open scientific data was suggested. This will be discussed again
at the next working group meeting, so please add any ideas you have in the
mean time to the January meeting pad.

Public Health Research Data:
- A major joint statement from public health research funders regarding
sharing research data was published this week:
If you have any feedback on priorities for implementing the statement, or
you'd like to get involved, see this link for contact details:

Online Tools:
- A new tool was released this week by Science 3.0. FigShare - alpha
http://figshare.com/ allows users to share data by uploading figures which
would otherwise by unpublished, under a CC-BY license. For more information
see http://figshare.com/figblog/2011/01/12/figshare-alpha-release/
- CKAN http://ckan.net has many science data packages, but to maximise
usefulness it would be great to have somebody maintaining particular groups
of packages e.g. the chemistry group.

Things to Do!

1) Collaborate in drafting Panton Papers at
2) Volunteer to maintain some of the science packages at CKAN eg.
http://ckan.net/group/chemistry, this would be a small but very worthwhile
time commitment to ensure CKAN is as useful and up to date as
3) The annual OKF conference OKCon will be taking place again next year and
we are looking for suggestions of speakers to invite for a science themed
stream - check the pad for current suggestions and add your own.
4) Make some Is It Open? requests! For more information see Heather's blog
posts at http://science.okfn.org/ and visit http://www.isitopendata.org/ to
make your request.
5) Upload figures to http://figshare.com/, and encourage your colleagues to
do the same!

OKF/Open Science Related Events:

30 Jun/1 Jul - OKCon at Kalkscheune, Berlin (www.kalkscheune.de), more
details to follow in due course.
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