[open-science] Digital Agenda: more open access to scientific information - Commission seeks views

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Mon Jul 18 23:22:15 UTC 2011

Peter: I think we should definitely aim to make the Panton Papers as
accessible as possible for non-experts and non-specialists. This
should not be at the expense of the issue and domain specific detail
that makes them valuable in understanding barriers, challenges and
opportunities to opening up scientific data.

Jenny: would you be willing to lead on drafting something on behalf of the OKF?

All: we'd also strongly encourage all open scientific data experts,
practitioners and others to consider submitting your thoughts

I've blogged about this here:


I'm sure this goes without saying here, but I definitely think it is
worth explicitly emphasising the value of material which is open as
per opendefinition.org and the Panton Principles!


On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:45 AM, Peter Murray-Rust <pm286 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org>
> wrote:
>> I'd strongly encourage people interested in open scientific data to
>> submit something to the EC's consultation on open access to scientific
>> information!
>> http://europa.eu/rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=IP/11/890&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en
>> http://ec.europa.eu/research/consultations/scientific_information/consultation_en.htm
>> All the best,
> Jonathan - this looks very important. Calls like this are also a good way of
> pushing us to formulate our ideas and bring together the important themes.
> Is this a role for the Panton Papers? Should we try to craft these in such a
> way that they are useful for policy makers? For example I am currently
> interested in things like text-ming (for re-use) semantic bibliography and
> citations (for more accurate assessement of scientific output), proper
> simple publication of semantic data (very relevant to publishers, etc. -
> perhaps not for this call).
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