[open-science] Open Data in Science Working Group Hackday - 31 March, London

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Tue Feb 14 11:08:30 UTC 2012

Dear All

At the last working group meeting it was decided that we should run a
hackday on open science, spending the day driving forward coding projects
and coming up with new ideas.
So, come along and join us in person in the London Barbican foyer or
virtually via Skype, IRC and Etherpad!

There are several tasks which don't require the ability to programme so
don't be put off if you're not a coder, we'd still love to have you along!
All that's required is enthusiasm and interest.

Date: Saturday 31 March 2012
Time: 10am to 6pm (and later for those who want to carry on)
Location: Barbican Foyer and online
Sign up for numbers here: http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-hackday-mar12

Possible ideas we could work on are below, although feel free to add some
to the pad linked above or bring your own on the day and we'll pick a few
to focus on:
- Open Research Reports (continuation of work from SWAT4LS hackathon).
- Generating a Data Watch website.
- Pulling data from citizen cyberscience projects straight into CKAN.

Hope to see you soon!

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