[open-science] The Scientific Evolution: Open Science and the Future of Publishing

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Tue Feb 21 15:36:22 UTC 2012

Dear All

Info on an event on scientific publishing in Oxford featuring Cameron
Neylon and with myself and Peter Murray-Rust in the audience - if you're
available please do come along and let us know so we can make sure to say

If not, I'll let you all know when the video is out. There is a flyer
available at www.EvolutionOfScience.org<https://legacy.nexus.ox.ac.uk/OWA/redir.aspx?C=46bfecd718d541d69c2d536cf84bc33a&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.EvolutionOfScience.org>
you happen to be in a position to post it somewhere.


On leap-Wednesday the 29th Feb, a rare chance to meet an eminent panel of
speakers and debate

The Scientific Evolution: Open Science and the Future of Publishing

The panel includes speakers from Nature, Elsevier, and the Wellcome trust,
together with Lord Robert Winston, Cameron Neylon and Victor Henning, CEO
of Mendeley.

We'll address question like,
Do we still need science journals in the internet age?
Is there something better than peer review?
How will scientific papers evolve?
Is the Elsevier boycott (thecostofknowledge.com) the start of something big?

The change has already begun: SOPA and the RWA, the boycott of Elsevier.
Science is evolving to become more open. How will you make the most of the
change? Come to discover, to debate, and come to take action.

>From 3:30pm on 29th Feb, Wednesday of 7th Week: be at Rhodes House in
Oxford to take part in shaping the future of publishing.

The event is free, and you can optionally email
victoria at EvolutionOfScience.org to reserve a seat.

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