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 Dear All

See below for a message about the NASA International Space Apps Challenge,
forwarded by Elizabeth Walker Sabet from secondmuse. NASA are a Random
Hacks of Kindness partner and there are several European events in the
planning for late April.

Would anyone be interested in helping to host an OKFN run local event or
forming a team? Any expressions of interest or participation by any of the
means mentioned in the notice would be very gratefully received and please
forward to anyone you think may be interested! For example, any contacts in
University physics or astronomy departments who might be interested in
advertising to their colleagues and students.

Let us know :)


Dear Colleagues,

Fifty years since Apollo took humanity to the moon, advances in technology
have made images clearer, the information coming back from space richer,
and the world smaller. A frontier of space data has resulted in the
development of new technology that continues to improve life on Earth. The
challenge before us now is to leverage this data and new technology to
create practical applications that benefit humanity.

NASA, in collaboration with organizations such as yours, is launching an
International Space Apps Challenge <http://open.nasa.gov/appschallenge> to
be held in 2012 that will encourage scientists and concerned citizens from
all continents – and in space – to create, build, and invent new solutions
in order to address challenges of global importance. Demonstrating its
commitment to the Open Government
NASA and space agencies around the world are providing a platform for your
organization to join a transformational movement of 'open innovation'
wherein performance is further improved, decision-making better informed,
entrepreneurship advanced and encouraged, and problems more effectively
addressed and solved.
open data • open source • open technology
You are poised to join us in the following endeavors:

   - Sponsor a challenge. Identify and define problems that are valuable to
   your organization.  http://open.nasa.gov/appschallenge/ideas/
   - Work on solutions. Join or form a team.
   - Invite subject-matter experts to contribute to participate and attend
   the event, like software developers, engineers, designers and technologists.
   - Plan a local event. Promote to local and regional experts,

We look forward to working with you to create a better future!

elizabeth walker sabet | secondmuse
mob +1 646 249 3888 | +506 8730 4458
twitter 2ndmuse | skype elizabeth.sabet
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