[open-science] 2012 Open Science Wish List

Matthew Todd matthew.todd at sydney.edu.au
Mon Jan 9 12:20:06 UTC 2012


The most important thing for me this coming year is to see an increase in
the number of open science projects - that is to say labs sharing
experimental data and coordinating science to allow contributions from
anyone. More lab books on the web.

I'd also like to see changes to the way we write papers. I'd like to be
involved in the construction of a paper in the open which has a diverse set
of authors. So something that is refined online, then submitted for
publication and accepted. Obviously this is how we're doing our open
research projects, but I'd like to see the *writing* done this way too. And
I'd like to see the paper be of a very high quality (actually well-written)
in a big journal.

(I'm hoping to try this out with a review in the next month or so.)

This would allow us to trial currencies of authorship/reviewership as
possible replacements to the peer review system we currently use. i.e.
rather than discussing possible replacements we trial a few.

More thoughts on this here:

Happy New Year everyone,


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