[open-science] A soundcast of my talk about the Open Knowledge Foundation

Ross Mounce ross.mounce at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 19:16:47 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I gave a talk at a palaeontology conference in Cambridge recently; May 24th 2012
introducing the Open Knowledge Foundation to young academics.

I was thinking this recording might be of interest and/or use for
further outreach.

The audio recording of this is now available to listen to on the
internet via SoundCloud.

Huge credit to the organisers (http://www.palaeocast.com/) who
recorded it with such clarity.

The audio here is:
and corresponding Prezi slides here:
(almost entirely recycling/repurposing slides from Rufus Pollock &
Simone Aliprandi, with attribution and links given)

Comments / feedback very welcome - this was my first time introducing
the OKF to a new audience.


Ross (in California atm)

Ross Mounce
PhD Student & Panton Fellow
Fossils, Phylogeny and Macroevolution Research Group
University of Bath, 4 South Building, Lab 1.07

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