[open-science] Open Science WG 2014 - Tasks and Team!

Jenny Molloy jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 14:19:15 UTC 2014

Dear All

Thanks to those who joined in the meeting yesterday evening [1], we
discussed what the working group should focus on for 2014 and also having a
coordination team to make sure everything runs smoothly - a special thanks
to all those who volunteered to help out with this and all those
coordinating local groups and projects. We'd love your feedback and
suggestions on the ideas below or new projects you would like to propose.

*Open Science Working Group 2014 Projects* (followed by specific
activities/tasks and initial coordinators)

   1. *Content-mining* (Puneet Kishor, Peter Murray-Rust, Ross Mounce)
   - Case studies/awareness raising
      - Workshops (inc. possibly one at OKFest)
      - Interested in joining? There is a new mailing list [2]
      - Look out for a separate call on this project
   2. *Local groups* (Graham Steele)
      - Expanding the number of open science ambassadors and local groups.
      - Local group starter kit (howto, mailing list, wiki, website,
      visibility in global working group).
      - Map and directory on WG website to help people find local open
      science activities.
   3. *Open Science Census* (Local groups)
   - Mapping local open science landscape - relevant law and policy,
      funding, initiatives, attitudes etc
      - A Brazilian example
      - To be led by individuals or local groups - get in touch if you are
      interested in writing and finding collaborators to work on a report for
      your country!
   4. *Open Science for Development* (Jenny Molloy)
   - This year we were involved in a scoping project around open science in
      the global South and will continue to engage in community building and
      collaboration with the partners we gained from that.
   5. *Building Open Science Manuals *(Anyone interested in coordinating
      - Improving English Wikipedia pages on Open Science
      - Compiling resources e.g.

      - Sharing knowledge from local groups e.g.
   6. *Open Science Training *(Anyone interested in coordinating this?)
      - Panton Fellow Sophie Kay developed a fantastic training initiative
      - We would like to start a conversation and compile further open
      materials for teaching aspects of open science or using open science in

*Working Group Coordination*

Mailing list: Ross Mounce
Blog Editors: Kathleen Luschek, Rayna St and Scott Edmunds
Website and Social Media: Brian Glanz and Graham Steele
Local Groups: Graham Steele
WG and Advisory Board Meetings: Stefan Kasberger, Keren Limor, Suchith
Anand, Sridhar Gutam
General Coordination: Jenny Molloy

If anyone else would like to get involved, you are still welcome to sign up
on the volunteer sheet [3] - the more the merrier.

Thanks very much and look out for communications from the new team very
soon, we are also hoping to see an overhaul of some of the website features
so it is much easier to add yourself as a working group member and find
others interested in open science in your area or specialism!


[1] Meeting pad http://okfnpad.org/p/science-coord-20jan2014
[2] https://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/open-contentmining
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