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Sounds useful.

One comment. CC-NC is not Open Access under BOAI- and OKD- definitions. I'd
urge you to make the book CC-BY. If there are reasons that you can't do
this, please drop the term "Open Access" and call it "free-of-charge".
CC-NC forbids many forms of redistribution and re-use

On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 7:40 PM, Ulrich Herb <u.herb at scinoptica.com> wrote:

> Dear lists,
> perhaps this might be of interest: Yesterday an anthology on Open Science
> was published: "Opening Science - The Evolving Guide on How the Internet is
> Changing Research, Collaboration and Scholarly Publishing". It has been
> edited by Sönke Bartling from the German Cancer Research Center in
> Heidelberg and  Sascha Friesike, researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt
> Institute in Berlin. The anthology knows four manifestations: it is
> available as a printed book,  as an Open Access e-Book or PDF collection
> under a CC BY-NC license, and as an editable living document via Github.
> for further information please visit:
> http://www.openingscience.org/get-the-book/
> Best regards
> Ulrich Herb
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