[open-science] Open Science WG 2014 - Tasks and Team!

Alexandre Hannud Abdo abdo at member.fsf.org
Fri Jan 31 01:23:58 UTC 2014

Hi Jenny!

Thanks for the summary :)

I've translated your message into Portuguese, it's now on the Brazilian
working group's blog, I'm hoping it will attract more volunteers:


((I wonder if there are people from other Portuguese speaking countries
on this list.))

Beyond the BR WG stuff, I might volunteer myself to help with open
science manuals globally if no one else shows up, though I still got to
check with some other commitments I've made this semester. :|

Cheers, - I should go make some tea now...


On 21-01-2014 12:19, Jenny Molloy wrote:
> Dear All
> Thanks to those who joined in the meeting yesterday evening [1], we
> discussed what the working group should focus on for 2014 and also
> having a coordination team to make sure everything runs smoothly - a
> special thanks to all those who volunteered to help out with this and
> all those coordinating local groups and projects. We'd love your
> feedback and suggestions on the ideas below or new projects you would
> like to propose.
> *
> *
> *Open Science Working Group 2014 Projects* (followed by specific
> activities/tasks and initial coordinators)
>  1. *Content-mining* (Puneet Kishor, Peter Murray-Rust, Ross Mounce)
>       * Case studies/awareness raising
>       * Workshops (inc. possibly one at OKFest)
>       * Interested in joining? There is a new mailing list [2]
>       * Look out for a separate call on this project
>  2. *Local groups* (Graham Steele)
>       * Expanding the number of open science ambassadors and local groups. 
>       * Local group starter kit (howto, mailing list, wiki, website,
>         visibility in global working group).
>       * Map and directory on WG website to help people find local open
>         science activities.
>  3. *Open Science Census* (Local groups)
>       * Mapping local open science landscape - relevant law and policy,
>         funding, initiatives, attitudes etc
>       * A Brazilian
>         example https://pt.wikiversity.org/wiki/Pesquisa:Ci%C3%AAncia_aberta_no_Brasil
>       * To be led by individuals or local groups - get in touch if you
>         are interested in writing and finding collaborators to work on a
>         report for your country!
>  4. *Open Science for Development* (Jenny Molloy)
>       * This year we were involved in a scoping project around open
>         science in the global South and will continue to engage in
>         community building and collaboration with the partners we gained
>         from that.
>  5. *Building Open Science Manuals *(Anyone interested in coordinating
>     this?)
>       * Improving English Wikipedia pages on Open Science
>       * Compiling resources
>         e.g. http://digitheadslabnotebook.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/guide-to-open-science.html 
>       * Sharing knowledge from local groups e.g.
>         https://pt.wikiversity.org/wiki/Manual_de_Ciência_Aberta
>         <https://pt.wikiversity.org/wiki/Manual_de_Ci%C3%AAncia_Aberta>
>  6. *Open Science Training *(Anyone interested in coordinating this?)
>       * Panton Fellow Sophie Kay developed a fantastic training
>         initiative http://www.opensciencetraining.com/
>       * We would like to start a conversation and compile further open
>         materials for teaching aspects of open science or using open
>         science in teaching.
> *Working Group Coordination*
> Mailing list: Ross Mounce
> Blog Editors: Kathleen Luschek, Rayna St and Scott Edmunds
> Website and Social Media: Brian Glanz and Graham Steele
> Local Groups: Graham Steele
> WG and Advisory Board Meetings: Stefan Kasberger, Keren Limor, Suchith
> Anand, Sridhar Gutam 
> General Coordination: Jenny Molloy
> If anyone else would like to get involved, you are still welcome to sign
> up on the volunteer sheet [3] - the more the merrier.
> Thanks very much and look out for communications from the new team very
> soon, we are also hoping to see an overhaul of some of the website
> features so it is much easier to add yourself as a working group member
> and find others interested in open science in your area or specialism!
> Jenny
> *
> *
> [1] Meeting pad http://okfnpad.org/p/science-coord-20jan2014
> [2]* *https://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/open-contentmining
> [3]
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtV3tIqIu0UZdHg0NDFkRy1POWhwQ2tsOEdTa2kyNlE&usp=drive_web#gid=0
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