[open-science] What is Open Data? - input requested for website text

Michelle Brook michelle.brook at okfn.org
Mon May 5 17:16:40 UTC 2014

Hey all,

*Summary: I'd like input to help rewrite some pages for the Panton
Principles website, and am looking for expertise from this group to help
refine current draft text. Deadline 14 May*

I hope you are well. I'm in the process of updating the Panton website (
http://pantonprinciples.org/). It's been messy and not looked after for a
while - and I'm keen to turn it around.

Part of this will be generating more content for the site itself.  I'd like
to create a bit of a resource, including a few pages up talking about 'what
open data is', and another which talks about 'how to publish it'. Basically
an overview resource that explains what open data is (without *too* much
detail, but not being relevant only to the UK/EU/US), and guidelines for
people to think about when they are thinking about open data more broadly.

I've drafted some text, but I would would appreciate some input from the
various experts in this working group. *If you want to be a named
contributor, please add your name to the bottom of the documents.*

What is open data in research:

How to publish data openly:

I've made it open so that everyone with access to the link can edit - but
if there are any disagreements about text others have written, it might be
better to comment first.

I know my text as it currently stands is quite dense (and there is lots of
it)  and not all of it currently flows. I hope to make these alterations in
the future - but any help received on that also would be appreciated! I'm
keen to make sure it's not just a UK/EU/US focus on it, so if there is a
perspective relevant to your country, please add a comment!

*Please make comments/edits by Wed 14 May. *



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