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Fiona Nielsen fiona.nielsen at gmail.com
Sun May 25 16:09:24 UTC 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,

These days we are seeing a great display of genetic data sharing projects
including the Global Alliance and projects within the Human Variome
Project. So many great activities, tools and best practises are being

- How do we make this know-how about genetics data management and data
sharing available as easy as possible to young researchers and the general

** Invitation **
We would like to see more of this knowledge of existing tools and best
practises to be readily available online, so we are encouraging and
inviting you all to participate in our Wikipedia Editathon on May 29th.

We are inviting local contributors to join us at our venue in London to
brainstorm, edit and add to wikipedia and share pizzas. And we encourage
everyone with an interest to join us online from around the world to make
their additions to wikipedia on this date.

By signing up through our eventbrite, we can coordinate the activities of
the local and online contributors and make use of online collaboration
tools to keep everyone on track and in touch during the course of the day.

Please share this invitation widely with relevant networks and mailing
lists within your institution to reach both young and seasoned researchers
and professionals with an interest in this field.

Kind regards,



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Read "Data barriers limit genetic diagnosis":

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