[open-science] Big and open data – who should bear data transfer costs?

Lukasz Bolikowski l.bolikowski at icm.edu.pl
Sat May 17 19:28:32 UTC 2014

On 05/17/2014 08:42 PM, P Kishor wrote:
> Not really accurate because your summary makes it sound that Puneet and
> Peter disagree. Actually, Puneet and Peter agree that reasonable cost of
> reproduction (call it dissemination) does not take away from the
> openness of the dataset. Data are open because their legal status says
> so (you can also call it free as in libre sense). Data are free in that
> the cost of producing them has been paid elsewhere (perhaps via your
> tax-supported grant). If the cost of disseminating them has also been
> paid elsewhere then don't charge again (no double-dipping). If the cost
> of disseminating your data has not been paid elsewhere, it is ok to
> recover that cost (no reason why you should be burdened with that cost).

Your views of openness are, no doubt, similar and in most cases you 
probably agree without reservations.  In order to understand both of you 
better, I focused on the edge-case ("unreasonable costs of 
reproduction") where your working definitions might differ, while your 
views are probably still in agreement.

Anyway, thanks for your explanations and for your patience.

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