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Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Tue Nov 4 03:50:15 UTC 2014

Hi All

Thanks ever so much to Svetlana, Brent and Mike who took part in recent IRC
chats about tools for the working group and the broader open science
community. Apologies for a delay on my end following this up, I spent a
week in London with the Network Team at Open Knowledge discussing how we
can better support you and the rest of the network, which was a full-on
week but I hope will lead to lots of fruitful developments through 2015,
especially more funding to support the excellent people and projects which
emerge from the working group.

Original meta-community pad is here: https://pad

We have a new forum at
http://discuss.okfn.org/category/working-groups/open-science and it seems
like a good time for us to try it out as not everyone will want to follow
these topics closely, please find links to the relevant forum topics for
each tool below.

If people like the forum, we should maybe have a vote on moving across at
some stage? I certainly feel as a coordinator that mailman lists are no
longer fit for purpose and the forum allows people to interact as if it
were a mailing list or just check in when they feel like it.

On a side note, I'm currently in India at SciDataCon, if anyone is based in
Delhi or Mumbai then drop me an email, I'd be delighted to meet up.



   - SubjectSeeker came out on top following deliberation.
   - Svetlana was going to have a look at what is possible with WordPress
   but general feeling was that the community curation options with SS are
   - Mike Chelen is setting up a sandbox on an Open Knowledge Labs server
   for interested members to play with SubjectSeeker.
   - Chat more here http://discuss.okfn.org/t/planet-open-science/94/1


   - See conversation on Trello regarding developing
   http://directory.open-steps.org/ as an Open Knowledge Directory:
   - There is an excellent explanation of the current new implementation
   - If you're interested in helping to add functionality to the system and
   make it even better for finding others interested in open science and Open
   Knowledge more broadly then make yourself known in the forum topic
   http://discuss.okfn.org/t/open-science-directory/95 or on Trello and
   look out for news of a hangout for potential developers coming soon!

Calendar/Events Listing:

   - Planned for a very long time!
   - Implementation Option 1: Develop event Portable Linked Profiles (PLPs
   -> https://github.com/hackers4peace/plp-docs) and deploy in Open Steps
   directory (see Trello card linked above)
   - Implementation Option 2:  Use OpenACalendar (
   http://ican.openacalendar.org/ - allows import from various other
   sites). Example instance is Open Tech Calendar
   - Chat more here: http://discuss.okfn.org/t/open-science-calendar/96
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