[open-science] Are Patents Good?

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A big question, but here's one extra article:

Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: Evidence from the Human
Genome, H. L. Williams, J. Political Economy 2013, 121, 1-27


*Abstract:* Do intellectual property (IP) rights on existing technologies
hinder subsequent innovation? Using newly collected data on the sequencing
of the human genome by the public Human Genome Project and the private firm
Celera, this paper estimates the impact of Celera's gene-level IP on
subsequent innovation. Across a range of empirical specifications, I
document evidence that Celera's IP led to reductions in subsequent
scientific research and product development on the order of 20-30 percent.
These results suggest that Celera's short-term IP had persistent negative
effects on subsequent innovation relative to a counterfactual of Celera
genes having always been in the public domain.



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