[open-science] Help advance Open Science and altmetrics

Stacy Konkiel stacy.konkiel at gmail.com
Mon May 5 16:26:26 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Today, Impactstory launched its Advisors
program<https://impactstory.org/advisors> [1].
I'd like to invite members of this list to consider applying.

We're the only non-profit dedicated to creating an Open Altmetrics
infrastructure, and we also provide tools to help those who practice Open
Science understand the impact of their work and share it with others.

Advisors will do what many of you are already doing: telling your
colleagues about altmetrics & Impactstory, maintaining awesome
profiles<https://impactstory.org/CarlBoettiger> [2],
and helping us kick the tires on our site via bug reporting and feature
requests. In return, Advisors will get access to Impactstory Premium (to be
released later this week) and more <https://impactstory.org/advisors> [1].

If you're not yet a user, set up an Impactstory profile and test our site
out. We compile metrics from Github, ORCID, Figshare, and other services
into a profile <https://impactstory.org/CarlBoettiger> [2] that can be used
when applying for grants, tenure & promotion, etc. Some have hacked our
service to track metrics for multi-person research
Data can be exported and used however you want.

Warm regards,
Stacy Konkiel

[1] Here's the link for those rockin' plain-text email clients:
[2] https://impactstory.org/CarlBoettiger
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